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F 11.03-11 General Conditions of Purchase

ORDERS: acceptance of orders made by CREAT society implies adherence to these terms and conditions by the provider notwithstanding any contrary clause in its own conditions of sale and unless special contract stipulating expressly the points on which CREAT accepts a derogation.

2/ ORDER CONFIRMATION AND/OR MODIFICATION: any order placed by CREAT is deemed valid only after acceptance by the supplier and supply an accused of receiving within 72 hours. Any modification of order must be agreed by both parties.

3/ ORDER CANCELLATION: cancellation of command may interfere with the express and written the provider agreement or without acknowledgment of receipt or in case of delay in delivery.

4/ DELAY: delivery times have starting point for the date of receipt of the order. Delays in delivery may give rise to damages.

5/ PRICE: except prior agreement, the prices are excluding taxes for goods ex-factory. All the additional costs, of any kind, are decided by mutual agreement.

6/ PAYMENT: unless specific provisions, supplies are paid by transfer, 45 days end of month.

7/ QUALITY: the supply of all products and services purchased by CREAT shall meet the standards and laws applicable, in particular RoHS and REACH. The supplier will respect the integrality of the conditions of the order. In particular, it is committed to:

  • Receive on its production sites and simple request a representative of CREAT, its customers or aeronautical authorities.
  • Develop implementing any provision necessary for the conservation of documents relating to the command for a period of 50 years.
  • Keep us informed of any non-compliance occurred on a manufacturing or product about us.
  • Keep us informed of any change occurred on products or processes, on providers or locations, and receive from us an agreement before that these changes be effective.
  • Increase awareness for its contribution to the compliance and to the security of the product and/or service on the importance of ethical conduct.
  • Increase awareness in order to inform the use or delivery to CREAT of counterfeit parts or containing foreign material.
  • Obtain its own suppliers the same conditions.

8/ CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTANCE OF PRODUCTS: the acceptance of the products delivered will be made only after finding of full compliance with the requirements of the order and its annexes.
The acceptance of a non-compliant product may not be decided by a member of CREAT.

9/ DELIVERY NON-COMPLIANT: any product non-compliant will be returned after the supplier, port information, accompanied by a form of non-compliance to return to us within 5 days.

In the absence of response on the part of the supplier, the above mentioned conditions of purchase will be considered accepted.

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