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Railway Industry

Rail Transport

Créat is expert in designing, prototyping and manufacturing of elastomer and polyurethane products designed for industry and especially for rail transport industry: membranes, bellows, bushings, protectors, chocking parts, hoses,

From designing to supply chain global management, we accompany the largest manufacturers and rail operators all along their projects (products).

You will find our seals into bogies, braking systems, compressors, motors, hoods


Our sealing solutions designed for the railway industry

According to the profile and application, seals are made by injection or compression, some are dipped. In this way, we make:

  • Moulded parts according to drawing
  • O-rings in all dimensions and hardnesses
  • Bonded seals
  • X-rings which are mounted instead of O-rings for specific applications.
  • Moulded plates in different thicknesses
  • Metal + elastomer over-moulded parts
  • Bellows
  • Membranes
  • Cutting gaskets in different thicknesses for prototypes, small, average and large productions

All our parts have a traceability and quality level according to your specifications. We are certified EN 9100.

Our  specific compounds for the railway industry

Our self-extinguishing compounds, with a fire/smoke standards EN 45545, NFF 16 101, BS 6853, DIN 5510, ASTM, … are developed by us.

For all specific standards, you can contact our technical department​.

Entrust us with you projects

Our technical department is at your disposal throughout your project. In this way, we analyse your needs and your facilities to define the best solution.

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