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Créat and H+ Valves are merging in a Property Investment Company

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Créat and H+ Valves, two subsidiairies of Techné Group will soon merging their activities in a same place : The "Pommiers Dorés du Beaujolais" Property Investment Company.

Créat (subsidiary of Techné Group) manufactures its tools in its sister company H+ Valves (manufacture of safety valves) which is integral part of the same Group. These tools allow Créat to produce standards rings (O-Rings, X-Rings and flat sealings) in less than 2 weeks in several kinds of raw materials (NBR, EPDM, FFKM, ...). This rapprochement of both entities will enable ever more great reactivity concerning the production.

Moreover, all the production engineering unit of Techné Group will be present in these facility. This department provides a better process manufacturing optimization of each french entities of the Group.

Techné Group uses to open Property Investment Companies. Today, the Group has 4 (Property Investment Company "Les Haies" : Techné, Property Investment Company "Le Ruisseau" : Techné, Property Investment Company "Les Liquidambards" : Chromex, and Property Investment Company "Pommiers Dorés du Beaujolais" : Créat et H+ Valves) .

The Property Investment Company "Pommiers Dorés du Beaujolais" is open to all the employees of the french group sites as well as shareholders of the 3 others Property Investment Companies already openned.This uncommon establishment allows the employees to collaborate fully in the development of the differents societies. In this way, they are owner of the facilities where they are working.

The Techné Group decided to install Property Investment Company "Pommiers Dorés du Beaujolais" in the area of activity VIADOREE in south of Villefranche sur Saône. This area is located in Lyon-Villefranche sur Saône line, in 5 minutes of the Villefranche Sud (A6 Motorway) motorway exit and in approximately 35 minutes of Lyon.

This area of activity corresponds to the corporate image that the Group wants to reflect. The structure will be surrounded by grapevines with green spaces. This building must be physically integrated in the Beaujolais landscape.

In August 2018, H+ Valves will be the first company to take place in these premises. Créat will move at the first semester 2019 with the operating functions (production engineering unit).

Bellow perspective plans of the new building.

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