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Our Special EPDM

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Créat develops its EPDM Material to even more satisfy you ! EN 45-545 EPDM, Metal Detectable EPDM, All-in-One EPDM 334701 : Everything you need to know !

Our EN 45-545 EPDM

This EPDM substitutes national standards Fire/Smoke NF F 16-101 (concerning the reaction to the fire) and NF F 16-102 (concerning the reaction to smoke) since the beginning of 2017.

Our Metal Detectable Peroxyde EPDM

The Metal Detectable Peroxyde EPDM is often used in food industry. In fact, foodstuffs must not be polluted by external particles (as seals) during the production.

Incorporate some metal in these seals allows the customer to see if there is seals in its production or no. This detectable EPDM can be seen by magnetic sensors and X-Ray systems. Some customers' tests allowed to detect particles of approximately 1mm².

This EPDM is FDA Positive List and European Food 1935-2004. It improves the security and the production. Moreover, this EPDM is Blue Pantone 301C: color which does not exist in the food industry, provided a visual control.

Warning: Each machine is different, the consumer will have to do its own settings.

Temperatures between -45°C and +125°C.


Our All-in-One 334701 EPDM

This 70 Shore A EPDM has been developed to answer to diverses laws concerning drinking water.

Furthermore, it totally answers to the food and medical industry. All-in-One 334701 is approved 1935-2004 European Food and USP VI for medical sector.

Our EPDM is made of a new peroxyde generation which answer to all new legislations. This new peroxyde removes the fragrant side of the peroxyde generally incorporated in the EPDM.

The legislation AFPS-GS-2014-01 (regarding PAH : PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons) is respected thanks to a specific black carbon material and a plasticizer exemption.

Our EPDM also replies to ROHS2 and REACH legislation and does not containt SVHC.

More informations on Techné website


Give us your EPDM projects

For further information about EPDM : have a look on our EPDM webpage or contact our technical department, which will have the pleasure to answer you.

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